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1st & 2nd Thessalonians Course 2021 (THE21)
1st & 2nd Thessalonians Course 2021 (THE21)

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Your test for First Thessalonians is Ready. Only 12 Questions, but each one takes some thought.

Here's the link 👉
I know it was hard to jot down an entire outline from the Thessalonian epistles during class last Friday, so here is my outline for both epistles that we will be using as we study through this term.

This also includes my teaching notes for this class located as a hyperlink in the course outline. This will be updated weekly in the course outline so you can have access for your own studies.
Hey all, our Thessalonians class will be 30 minutes postponed due to the snow. See you at 10:30!
Hey everyone, sorry about the audio quality for our first class. Looks like I was turning up the wrong mic for livestream, which created the quiet, hallow sound, when normally we have very clear audio.

I will work on re-editing that video and the audio file so the volume is up.

You will be able to hear next week! 🔉